Custom Decorative Dog Door Frame

Dog Door Makeover


old-dog-doorWhen we bought our home we didn’t have a dog but there was already a dog door installed near the back door.

It was really small and leaked cold air into our home during the winter. So when we got our puppy that we knew would outgrow this little dog door, we did some research on dog doors.

I wanted a quality door that didn’t leak air, that was lockable and looked nice. There was only 1 dog door that fulfilled all my requirements and it wasn’t cheap. But the Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door was well worth the cost.

The site we purchased the dog door from recommends that the dog door be installed higher on the wall than our original door, so we had a lot of work to do!

We (and by “we” I mean my husband and my dad) removed the old door, installed the new one and patched up the giant hole that remained underneath the door. This was a massive 2 day project that left our entire downstairs in a coat of dust.


We now had an awesome dog door and a serious eye sore:


I headed to a local store that sells crown moulding and purchased some pieces to create a miniature mantle that would frame our new dog door.


Unfortunately, the moulding doesn’t come all nice and put together like this, so I needed to find someone who was capable of mitering my mantle. Luckily, my step-uncle is an expert woodworker so we sent the wood off to his house to be cut & assembled.

When we got it back, my husband painted it to match the trim we already had and glued it in place. We love it!



One thought on “Custom Decorative Dog Door Frame

  1. Wow, really nice job on trimming out the door. Your dog is one lucky lady 🙂

    I work for Freedom Pet Pass, and we’d like to feature your blog and this project on our website. Please let me know if you’d prefer that we not do that.

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