Painted Kitchen Table Makeover


I inherited this table when I bought my home and although I wasn’t crazy about the look of it, I was happy to have a free table. Plus, there’s sentimental value since we’ve had the table since I was a pre-teen.

Being new to the DIY scene, I literally spent 5 years eating off this table with no idea that I could just paint it.

What?! How??

A little Pintersearch – “Pinterest” “search” – taught me that it just needed a good sanding and then I could add stain or paint and have a brand new look.

Turns out, my husband actually owns a sander. Cool! I got set up in my garage and went to town.


After removing the topcoat and getting down to the bare wood, I liked the table better already!

It wasn’t easy, but I sanded down the top and all 4 legs.


Then, we stained the top black, using “Minwax Polyshades Stain & Polyurethane in 1 Step” in the “Espresso Satin” finish.


We really loved the look after 1 coat, but I wanted a deep dark black so we did 3 coats.


Next, I spray painted primer on the legs and painted them an ivory color with a paintbrush.


Then, we had to develop a lot of patience because we added 5 coats of topcoat.


The final step was using the black stain to give the legs a very subtle glazed look.


We sold the old chairs on Craigslist because I was not going to the trouble of sanding and painting those! Plus, I wanted a more modern look.

I found these cheap black chairs on and I love them.


By far worth the time and effort! We just love our “new” kitchen table!

A reminder of how it looked before:



In the before and after pictures, you might notice we also transformed the nearby wall from it’s blah state into a kitchen feature wall with board and batten. That project didn’t go at all how we had planned, but in the end, we think it came out great!