How to Get Amazon Items Cheaper [Sometimes]

I’m an Amazon Prime member and I just love the free 2-Day shipping. It’s easy to get caught up in the convenience of Amazon shopping and not even realize that sometimes I’m spending more for items I could get cheaper somewhere else.

Here is 1 simple step that can save you money when shopping on Amazon:

Be sure Amazon has the best price before you place an order.

Many Amazon sellers also have their own website where you can purchase the same item for less. Depending on what they charge for shipping, I’ve found that sometimes items can be cheaper if purchased directly from the seller, rather than through Amazon.


Here’s an example of how I saved $15 on the skirt for my mermaid costume:

I simply looked at who was selling it on Amazon – TVStoreOnline. They had it listed at $39.95 + $7 for shipping = $47).

Next, I googled TVStoreOnline to find their website, searched “mermaid skirt” on their site, and there it was – listed for only $25.95 – a whole $15 less than Amazon!).

The next 2 steps will save you even more money!

  1. See if the website has an email newsletter you can sign up for – you can often get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up.
  2. Another tactic is to linger a little during the checkout process. (It’s worth a try!) On I didn’t check enter my credit card info immediately after typing in my address and a chat box popped up with an offer code for 10% off.

Total for skirt with shipping: $29.30.

Wahoo! By doing a little research, I saved myself nearly $20!


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