Sparkle Football Tee for Game Day – Simple Iron-On

So, football really isn’t my thing.

In general, sports really aren’t my thing. Shhh! Don’t tell my husband!

But, for the rest of America, the Super Bowl is a pretty big deal. So, every year, I attend a Super Bowl party and pretend to enjoy myself while mingling, eating too much and huddling around a giant TV screen.

This year, I figured I might as well look cute while I did all of the above.

So, yesterday I picked up this cute top at Target:


I actually had a really fun graphic designed that said “Today’s forecast: Drinking with a Chance of Football.”


But, I forgot to see how much iron-on material I had before I left the house. Whoops!

Things got really simplified and I decided to just do a giant gold sparkly football on the front:


Can’t wait to wear it this afternoon! I’ll post pics later! Happy Game Day everyone!



Here I am sporting my tee at my parent’s party:


Sadly I got more compliments on my teal ombre Bellami hair extensions, haha. But that’s OK. All in all a good day.

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