DIY Unicorn Costume Accessories

Dressing up is one of my favorite things. Which makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays.

When I decided to be a unicorn, it wasn’t long before I was dreaming up ways to make the costume extra special.

And here were the results:


The accessories I made for this costume include:

  • light-up headband with unicorn horn
  • led unicorn costume tail
  • arm hoofs
  • glitter hoof shoes

Flashing LED Unicorn Horn

In a previous post, I went into detail on how I made my own light up unicorn horn headband. light-up-unicorn-horn-for-costume-led-diy

Lighted Unicorn Tail

I used the same battery operated color changing LED lights that I put in the horn to create the unicorn tail.


When I spotted this super cheap, pale blue costume wig, I knew it would make the perfect light-up tail.


I used strong thread to attach the string lights to the wig cap. Then wrapped the cap of the wig onto this updo hair clip that I then safety pinned to the back side of my costume.


I got so many compliments on the tail.


Hoof Arm Covers

To create hooves to cover my arms and hands, I got some cheap rubbery horse hoofs (like these here), some spray paint and a little fake fur to line them with.


I used white primer, followed by a couple coats gold spray paint, then gold glitter spray.To finish up, I glued this faux white fur liner from Hobby Lobby to the legs.


Hoof Shoes for Unicorn Costume

To create hoof shoes, I covered black high heels with sheets of thick/sturdy glitter scrapbook paper.


Then, I added these white fuzzy boot cuffs from a Santa costume accessory kit:


To add a pop of color, I also wore bright pink leg warmers under the boot cuffs.


Unicorn Hair, Makeup + Face Jewels

I added some pastel hair extensions, purple eye shadow and face jewels to finalize my look:



This is by far my favorite costume that I’ve worn yet. I just might wear it again this year.


DIY Mickey Ears [for a Day at Disney]

Guess who just went to Disneyland for the very. first. time?!

My 33 year-old husband.

Growing up in the Midwest, trips to Disney just didn’t happen in his family.

I was so, so, so excited to get to share the magic of Disneyland with him for the very first time.

So excited that I went a little overboard with trip planning. Right down to ordering 2 custom Disney tanks on Etsy and making my very own mouse ears.


My favorite thing about crafting Mickey or Minnie ears, is that you can’t mess it up!

Just head to the craft store, find embellishments to dress up your ears, and start gluing. I got these super cheap (and comfy!) plain mouse ears for adults on Amazon. Then, I was off to Hobby Lobby where I found embellishments that coordinated with the color of my custom Etsy tank.

I could hardly wait for my glue gun to heat up. Keep reading to see how easy it was.

Craft Your Own Mickey Ears Headband for Your Disneyland Trip

I wanted lots of flowers and a big blingy sequin bow. So here’s what I got for my custom Mickey ears:


First, I attached the sequin bow, which came on a clip. I cut the elastic off this flower band:


Then clipped the bow to the elastic, wrapped it around the Mickey Ear headband, tied it in a knot, then continued to wrap it around and glued it into place.



Ta-da! That was easy.


Now, I arranged the remaining embellishments on the ears, playing around with them until I liked the look.


I removed the clip from this ivory flower embellishment so I could just glue it onto my headband.



One of the silk flower clusters came attached to a felt pad. Another came on a bobby pin. I slid the one on the bobby pin onto the felt pad, then glued the entire cluster to one of the big round ears on my mouse ears headband.


I used “blonde” ribbon to help disguise the headband in my light hair.


That’s it! Just a plain mouse ears headband, some floral embellishments, ivory ribbon and a big silver sequin bow.


I got lots of compliments while wearing them in the park.