You know when you binge-watch Netlix and all of a sudden it’s closing in on midnight and you think, I should get to bed I have to work tomorrow…so then you watch 1 more episode thinking a stop at Starbucks on your way into the office will cure your case of the drowsies? 

But when your alarm goes off you instantly regret it and promise yourself that tonight you’ll hit the hay at like, 8pm because you’re so. stinking. tired?
(And the coffee’s not near as effective as you expected?)
But then that addicting show sucks you in again that night and the whole cycle repeats?
I wish I could say I was smarter than that. But I’m not.
Hi! I’m Beccachelle and I love wearing warm fuzzy socks while watching Netflix in bed and all things animal print. (You can see my affinity for animal prints in my kitchen and entry way.)

beccaAnywho….I’m so glad you’re here!

I enjoy perusing Pinterest, reading blogs and getting inspiration for crafts, parties and home decor, don’t you?

By documenting some of my DIY projects, tips, tricks, ideas and even failures, I hope I inspire you to take on similar projects of your own.

I’m a California wife, dog mom and daughter of Christ.

IMG_0139 crop EDITED

My other hobbies (outside of Netflixing) include riding my motorcycle, videography, photography, reading, party planning and fixing up my home.

I hope you’ll find some of the things I share worthwhile, and I hope you’ll share some things you’ve created so I can follow your creative journey as well.

See my blog posts here (in chronological order) or click the living, laughing and loving links for random snippets into my life – what I’m up to when I’m not fixing up my house, things I love, and things that make me laugh.



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