Oktoberfest Party Must-Haves

Last weekend we threw an Oktoberfest themed party and it was our favorite gathering yet!

Here, I’ll share some details that made our Fall party stand out.

German Party Food

We grilled brats and served them with sauerkraut on sourdough buns with a variety of mustards and home-made potato salad.

One of our most popular food items was our soft pretzels dipped in hot cheese sauce.


Straw Hay Bales for Back Yard Seating

We rented some straw bales for guest seating in our back yard. And they were such a hit!

A local feed store rents these out for about $6/bale.


I had NO idea how messy these were until the gentleman loaded them up in the back of my SUV. Oh, my, goodness! I thought I’d never get all that straw out of my car!

They made an equally huge mess in the back yard (as well as in the house when I lost control and one went flying off the cart I was hauling it through the house with).

But, overall, I’m glad we rented them because they were perfect seating around our Hammerschlagen game.

Oktoberfest Beer

We stocked a variety of Fall flavored and Oktoberfest themed beer – a must for any Oktoberfest celebration.


Pretzel Necklaces

I had so much fun making these pretzel necklaces – simply weave some thin ribbon in and out to create a string pretzel necklace for you and your party guests.


Biergarten Pennant Banner Sign

Even though I strung these blue and white checkered banners across our yard, I also decided to make a custom pennant banner that said “Biergarten”, which added a nice touch to the corner behind the bar.


Shot Paddle

If you’ve even been to a Hofbrauhaus, you might remember that when someone orders a shot of alcohol, it comes along with a paddling!

My husband took a paddle and created shot glass size divots on one side. When party guests requested shots of Jagermeister, the shot was brought out on a paddle and the guest got a fun little spanking.


To add to the fun, we used light-up shot glasses (which we happened to already have leftover from our wedding 6 years ago).

Hammerschlagen Party Game

There’s a fun little German Beer Hall in Milwaukee that has this game called Hammerschlagen. We decided to play this at our party.

The best thing about this game is that anyone can play, and any number of people can crowd around and play each tie, so no one ever has to wait around for their turn to join in.

Every player gets a nail, and you go around in a circle trying to hammer your nail down until it’s flush with the wood. You get one try, then pass the hammer, and on and on until the last person still hasn’t hammered their nail in.

The last person to get their nail all the way in has lost. You decide on what penalty they get for losing. At our party, they could do a paddle shot or a bierstick.


Just down the street from our house, we noticed a property with lots of tree stumps lying around.

My husband rang the doorbell and asked if he could buy one, and the friendly homeowner let him take one.


We set up the stump on one of our rented straw bales and it was the perfect height.


Everyone who came to the party played at least once, and most people played again and again.


Oktoberfest Party Attire – Traditional Lederhosen

This was one of our annual “Jean Short Jamboree” parties, so we decided to order denim lederhosen to stick with our jean short theme.

Guests were encouraged to wear both jean shorts and Oktoberfest attire.


We always let our dog join in on the fun, and we paired her denim shorts with this Oktoberfest vest I picked up while ordering the blue and white checkered decorations.


I think our makeshift Oktoberfest dog costume came out pretty good!

Bavarian Braids

I completed my outfit with one of my hand-made pretzel necklaces and some Bavarian braids in my hair.

My hair is pretty thin and not as long as I’d like, so I added a couple wefts of Bellami hair extensions and no one could even tell!


I usually add mini bows to the ends of my Oktoberfest braids, but since there was ribbon on my top as well as in my pretzel necklace, I decided the bows at the ends of my braids were too much,

Blue & White Checkered Decor

I got blue and white plates, napkins and party cups. And of course, the signature blue and white checkered pattern table runner and matching banners to drape across the back yard.


And don’t forget the Oktoberfest party music!


Nautical Accessories for Bachelorette Party {At the Lake}

I love summertime Bachelorette parties.


Last summer, when my girlfriends and I hit South Lake Tahoe for our best bud’s Bachelorette weekend, we brought along some fun anchor themed accessories.

Here’s what we used to complete our Nautical Themed Party Weekend:

Anchor Bride & ‘Mate’s Tanks:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to so many parties with custom tanks that are specific to the event, and I never wear them again.


So for our Tahoe weekend, I created a “Bride” anchor tank for the bride, but plain anchor tanks for the rest of the party crew.

I still enjoy wearing my blue and glitter silver anchor tank at the lake.

Customized Nautical Beach Cups:

I got these fun party tumblers on Etsy, and they were a hit. I love how they matched our cute party tanks.


Custom Vodka Bottle for the Bride:

I dressed up this bottle of alcohol by adding an anchor, the Bride’s name, and some scattered vinyl polka dots to a giant Skyy Vodka bottle.


Beachy Framed Weekend Itinerary:

The plans for the weekend were all a surprise for the Bride, so this framed party weekend itinerary was another fun touch.


I’ll share more of our themed Bachelorette weekends later. But for now, what are some of the best destinations you’ve been to for a weekend with the girls?


Destination Golf Themed Birthday Party

I mentioned in a previous post that my family likes to do destination birthday parties on milestone birthdays.

Last weekend we traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona for a weekend filled with golf festivities to celebrate my step-brother’s 40th birthday.

On the itinerary: TopGolf, a round of golf at Troon North, and a nice dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse.

We got the par-tee started at TopGolf on Friday night and it did not disappoint!

To tee off the fun, we wore silly hats and themed sunglasses and ordered a round of drinks that came in light-up golf bag glasses at the rooftop bar.


The birthday boy and his girlfriend:


After that, we got to hit golf balls off the ledge for 2 hours.


We decorated the tables with golf balls and golf tees, a custom glass for the birthday boy, and fun photo props for pictures.




In case you’re wondering how good of a golfer I am:


The next day we had a nice lunch at Troon North Golf Club, then enjoyed some golf (for the first time for some of us).

Got some more use out of our golf themed photo props on the course:


(I decided to dress like more of a golfer this day!)

We even hit a few of our customized golf balls:


All who attended got goody bags filled with candy wrapper party favor candy bars as a fun takeaway:


If you were to take a trip for a destination birthday party, where would you go?

Scrapbook Paper & Mod Podge Frame Craft

Create customized party accessories when you use paper and Mod Podge to craft a custom picture frame.

I just love Mod Podge. It makes it so simple to create your own custom wall decor and coordinate the look of your party decorations.

Recently, I was in charge of the party supplies for my MIL’s 60th birthday. I really enjoyed creating this decorative frame with polka dot scrapbook paper that matched the pennant banner and other decorations I crafted.


The 4×6″ chipboard frame was only $3.50 (half price) at Hobby Lobby. And the single piece of scrapbook paper was $.59. I already had the Mod Podge and foam brush on -hand.

Step-by-Step Guide for Scrapbook Paper Picture Frame with Mod Podge


  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Chipboard Frame
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Foam Brush
  • Mod Podge


1. Remove the back of the frame and lay face down on the back side of your scrapbook paper.


2. Trace the frame (both inside and outside).

3. Cut along lines to create scrapbook paper overlay for frame.


4. Use the foam brush to apply a medium coat of Mod Podge to the front of your chipboard frame & position paper over frame, using a firm flat surface (such as a credit card) to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.


5. After 15 minutes, apply a coat of Mod Podge to the front of the frame (over the scrapbook paper) to seal it and create a protective coating.

That’s it! So simple!


Yarn Nail Art Pallet Sign Arrow

My husband and I throw an annual party called the Jean Short Jamboree.

Basically, we have all our friends over and require that they wear jean shorts. We encourage silly outfits and give out a prize for our best dressed party goer.

We created a giant pallet sign that we set out front:


Making a pallet sign is so simple. The toughest part is ripping the pallet apart and removing any pesky nails sticking out of the pieces.


My husband uses a saw to cut through the nails, which makes the process go a lot faster.

Next, just lay out the pieces the way you want, piece together a frame, then nail it all together.


Our sign says “Jean Short Jamboree” with a combination of metal and denim letters that I found a Michaels. I also attached some clothespins so we can hang a pair of denim shorts on the sign.


Everyone’s favorite part of the sign is the string and nail arrow pointing the way to the party.

Here’s how to add a yarn nail arrow to a pallet sign:

Before you get started – be sure to use nails with large nail heads so your yarn (or string) doesn’t slip off.


Print or draw an arrow (or another shape) on paper to be your guide. I had to patch a few pieces of paper together to get the size I wanted.



Tape your paper arrow guide to the wooden sign.



Add nails about an inch apart all along the lines on the paper.



Remove the paper (just rip if off).





Next, string your yarn around the perimeter to create an outline.







Be sure to pull the string super tight between the top of each nail.



After that, start stringing your yarn all across and wrapping around random nails until you get the look you want.


Another fun party accessory I made is this foam board photo prop frame.



Sparkle Football Tee for Game Day – Simple Iron-On

So, football really isn’t my thing.

In general, sports really aren’t my thing. Shhh! Don’t tell my husband!

But, for the rest of America, the Super Bowl is a pretty big deal. So, every year, I attend a Super Bowl party and pretend to enjoy myself while mingling, eating too much and huddling around a giant TV screen.

This year, I figured I might as well look cute while I did all of the above.

So, yesterday I picked up this cute top at Target:


I actually had a really fun graphic designed that said “Today’s forecast: Drinking with a Chance of Football.”


But, I forgot to see how much iron-on material I had before I left the house. Whoops!

Things got really simplified and I decided to just do a giant gold sparkly football on the front:


Can’t wait to wear it this afternoon! I’ll post pics later! Happy Game Day everyone!



Here I am sporting my tee at my parent’s party:


Sadly I got more compliments on my teal ombre Bellami hair extensions, haha. But that’s OK. All in all a good day.

DIY Vegas Party Accessories for 40th Birthday

As I mentioned in my previous post, my whole family spent a weekend in Vegas for my brother’s 50th birthday recently.

On his actual birthday, we dined at Ruth’s Chris (his favorite restaurant) right on the strip.

Below, I detail some of the custom creations that made his celebration all the more special.


Custom Card Suit Themed Party Glass

Everyone needs a light-up glass if they’re celebrating their birthday in Vegas (or even if they just with they were).


This was super simple to made using my vinyl cutter (I use the Cricut).

See how I made this custom Vegas themed birthday glass here.

Keepsake Card Deck with Birthday Pictures

I printed out pictures from each of his first 10 birthdays and attached them to their coordinating numbers on a deck of cards.

It was a fun way to walk down memory lane over appetizers.


Custom Photo Coasters

How cool are these coasters from Zazzle?

I added a current picture inside the zero and they printed his age and name on them.


Confetti Numbered Poker Chips

I also added these little round confetti pieces with the number 40 from Party City to some cheap poker chips and spread them around the table (so much cheaper than custom poker chips!):


Card Suit Casino Party Hat

The birthday boy also got a giant casino party hat to which I added a vinyl #40 (which didn’t stick all too well, but worked for dinner).


Casino Themed Centerpiece

I found this awesome hat at party city and hat to get it for the centerpiece.

I propped it up on a candle holder with some scapbook paper and poker chips, then added some floralytes.


Custom Photo Birthday Card

Funny story, I was at a family dinner earlier in the year at a restaurant that takes keepsake photos. The photographer mistakenly thought I was my brother’s wife and said “Put your arm around your girl!”

We cracked up over the picture that resulted. I used it to create a custom birthday card for him:


Personalized Las Vegas Luggage Tags

Everyone who went to Vegas got a personalized luggage tag from Shutterfly – so fun!


All in all, our Vegas party weekend was a success.