Here’s some of things that have us laughing over here in the Life Laugh Love to Craft household!blog-to-view-blog-posts


At a trip to TopGolf for my step-bro’s birthday party, we all got a huge kick out of wearing these silly golf themed party hats with fake turf, a golf ball and flag:



Our dog has this super fun screaming monkey slingshot dog toy – I’ve never seen her get more excited over anything!

As with all dog toys, she “broke it”, and here’s the video of the moment I shared with her that Monkey was dead:

She does a decent job of trying to “revive him” – aka make him scream again. (Side note, the black thing on the floor that she kicks away was a part of the broken toy).

So glad I found a replacement on Amazon and will have a new one in 2 days!

(Not sponsored – just love Amazon & this amazing dog toy).


Tonight I met my family tonight for dinner in a nearby town for my niece’s birthday.


Is she 12 already?!?!

Right when we arrived at the restaurant my husband went straight to the restroom, and since I spotted my family, I met them at our table.

My 6-year-old nephew asked where “Bob” was (the name he calls my husband).

I said, “Where do you think he could be?”

And the response was not what I was expecting (parking the car, using the restroom perhaps – which he’d understand as he himself had driven an hour to be there).

Yet, his (very loud and enthusiastic) answer was, “Maybe he’s with another girl!”

Oh my.

Dear Freddie, You have a LOT to learn my little buddy! A man should never, ever be “with another girl”.

Brownie points: I told him – “Find the prettiest girl here and that’s where Uncle Bob will be!”

He turned to me and said – “That’s you, Aunt B”. Heart melted.

Maybe he already knows a thing or two after all 😉


My dog loves, loves, loves to swim. But she despises bath time. She was giving me such a fight last night when I told her it was “bath time” that I decided to start filming.

Watch here as my little drama queen plays dead to avoid bath time:


I got my husband this Shinesty Christmas suit for Christmas this year and it was a major hit! We wore it all Christmas day, even when we went out bowling that night.

Best part is, I ordered a different one first, but since it was out of stock, I got this other one for $20 off! Score!

Here he is posed with our dog on Christmas afternoon:



Is anyone else having some serious laughs using Snapchat filters? If not, I’m having enough fun for the both of us!

I absolutely love the voice changer too!



We got a lot of good laughs from Matt’s beard stages as he participated in No-Shave November.

Even so, super glad December 1st is here and his face is back to being clean-shaven! Facial hair is not my thing. (Except for soul patches – I love soul patches but he refused to leave one – even for just one day.) *sigh*



We thought it would be cute to teach our dog to play piano.

In reality, she’s learned it’s her only “voice” in letting us know she’d like a treat.

So, she randomly hops up and plays a few notes to get our attention when she’d like a treat. Not sure who has who trained here!

We laugh every time. And hand over the little treat.



So we were at Target the other day and we stumbled across these Dumb and Dumber onesies for Halloween (our favorite holiday!).

My husband tried one on and we had quite a good laugh!



Check out some of our actual Halloween costumes and DIY accessories here.


Our dog is the ultimate stretcher. We’re convinced she thinks she’s a yoga instructor as she’s always holding herself in these strange yoga poses. Always has us cracking up!

(Side note: weird to see our hall cabinets and old staircase before we stained it!)