Some snippets into the life of Beccachelle, her husband Tad and their little mutt Dakota – outside of their on-going DIY


Our dog has this super fun screaming monkey slingshot dog toy – I’ve never seen her get more excited over anything!

As with all dog toys, she “broke it”, and here’s the video of the moment I shared with her that Monkey was dead:

She does a decent job of trying to “revive him” – aka make him scream again. (Side note, the black thing on the floor that she kicks away was a part of the broken toy).

So glad I found a replacement on Amazon and will have a new one in 2 days!

(Not sponsored – just love Amazon & this amazing dog toy).


My dog loves, loves, loves to swim. But she despises bath time. She was giving me such a fight last night when I told her it was “bath time” that I decided to start filming.

Watch here as my little drama queen plays dead to avoid bath time:


Spent Labor Day weekend in a small town and stumbled upon the most adorable little wine bar. I call my husband “Frog” so we were pretty excited to sip some vino in a little bar called the Tipsy Frog.



This restaurant near my house (Pacific Catch – it’s the best – if you live near one, go there!) – serves this little dish of edamame and pretzel goldfish if you sit in the bar. It is soooo good.

Confession: Sometimes, I just keep refilling it over and over and eat it as “dinner” with my wine.

Since discovering this perfect pairing, I’ve started buying Edamame at Costco and eating with Goldfish Pretzels from Walmart. I even serve it to myself in a fancy little dish.



Last weekend I was in Arizona, and our flight back to California was delayed 2 hours.

I decided to grab lunch at the airport, and after researching all our food options, my husband and I decided on McDonalds.

Was craving me some chicken nuggets and fries.

Imagine my shock when I ordered my McNugget Meal and was told something I’ve never, ever been told by a McDonald’s employee E.V.E.R….

“I apologize, but we’re out of fries…” I didn’t initially hear the rest of the sentence, because I assumed he meant they simply needed 5 minutes or so to make some more.


“Out of fries” meant just that. McDonalds was Out. Of. fries.

For the first time in over 30 years of eating McDonalds, I had McNuggets without fries.

And it just wasn’t the same.


My husband felt the same way, and our first stop between the airport and our house after touching down in Oakland, was McDonalds.

Better late than never:



Nearly 10 years ago, I golfed for my first time ever on a family trip to Cancun. I remember having the best time, but had yet to golf again (aside from mini golf at the putt putt course).

Well, after a weekend in Scottsdale golfing at Troon North, I’m hooked on golf!

Didn’t see that coming! Can’t wait to get my own set of clubs and play at one of the many courses nearby!



At a trip to TopGolf for my step-bro’s birthday party, we all got a huge kick out of wearing these silly golf themed party hats with fake turf, a golf ball and flag:



A Livermore, CA winery called Winemaker’s Studio offers wine blending classes.

You get to taste and compare several wines (while learning how to properly taste wine), then create your own blend and take your custom wine home.

I did it with a group and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! (I’m definitely rockin’ my blonde Bellami hair extensionslove them!)

You get to use a beaker, graduated cylinder and everything! I felt like such a scientist.




We have survived the drought! I mastered the art of the Drought Shower (turning the water off while shampooing, conditioning, soaping up, and shaving). And I’ve gotta say, during these cold winter months it’s ROUGH shutting off the hot water.

Every trip I’ve gone on out-of-state the past year, I indulged in long, hot showers and baths – guilt free!

But, it’s been raining non-stop here in NorCal these past couple months and we’re officially out of the drought! I’ve resumed soaking in the tub and I am loving it!



The whirlwind of Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations has come to a screeching halt. Today the Boy Scouts come to collect our discarded Christmas trees and I’m so sad to see ours go!


Already wishing we could have kept it one more week!



Was Christmas a whirlwind for anyone else? I was just getting used to the month being December when BAM! Christmas was here.

For Christmas, we got a brand new bed – the finishing touch of our Master Bedroom makeover (to be revealed soon!). That made shopping so much simpler since my husband and I didn’t really get each other any other big items.

I did get him this amazing Christmas themed suit from Shinesty because I knew how bad he wanted one. He wore it all day – to Christmas dinner at my parents and then bowling after with friends.

The dog wasn’t too disappointed with her gifts this year either.



OK, OK yes, I notice a real drinking theme on this page – I promise to try to expand my “loves”.

But for now – did you know Smirnoff has scratch and sniff bottles of candy cane Peppermint Twist vodka???

No joke – the bottle is scratch and sniff and it’s ah-mazing!!! (Yes, not too deep inside I’m still a 5-year old).

Plus, the flavor is really great too – you get to drink and have fresh breath without popping a mint or chewing gum. Win win.

Not to mention I love any excuse to drink from my Swarovski crystal martini glass!



I celebrated my December birthday with a fun day out at the vodka distilleries in Alameda, CA. We visited both Hangar One and St. George Spirits for vodka tastings – something we’d never done before.

(Props to St. George for the free flight tasting since it was my b-day!)

I think it’s meant for the more serious Vodka appreciators because we were drinking Vodka straight with no chasers!

I’m a Vodka girl all the way, but no chaser?! It was a little rough.

But how amazing is the view of the San Francisco in the distance? It was a very rainy day but we lucked out and didn’t get wet.




I got these amazing teal ombre hair extensions from Bellami Hair for my birthday last year and I wear them every chance I get!




Visited Oklahoma City recently and if you’re ever in town and wanna see something you can’t see everyday, go to Cowboys and check out the live bull riding that takes place – inside the nightclub just to the side of the dance floor.

They also have the mechanical kind, but it’s not near as fun to watch!



Ugly sweater season is here! I got this hideous sweater for my husband in an after Christmas blow-out sale last year at My sweater dress was a recent Amazon purchase. (Side note: Not exactly sure why it’s “pink” since the option I chose was “black and red”. But, it’s all good.

We got to bust these out last week when the neighboring town had their ugly sweater event in their cute little downtown area.



We got a lot of good laughs from Matt’s beard stages as he participated in No-Shave November.

Even so, super glad December 1st is here and his face is back to being clean-shaven! Facial hair is not my thing. (Except for soul patches – I love soul patches but he refused to leave one – even for just one day.) *sigh*



There are 3 times I read a book: at the pool, in the tub, and on a plane.

Started this though and couldn’t put it down. Finished it on my plane ride to Vegas.

End result? Lots and lots of Corey Feldman flicks in my Netflix queue. Kinda want to relive my childhood through the movies. (If movies like the Goonies and The Burbs were classics in your home – please read Coreyography).

Feel extra, extra grateful for my totally normal childhood.



Working toward a migraine-free life and this week I’m *trying* to eliminate any possible food triggers. My husband stocked the house with “safe” foods (foods that aren’t known to trigger migraines) and I’m loving this healthy snack.

Simply cut up an apple, drizzle it with honey and sprinkle cinnamon on top. It’s delicious!



We thought it would be cute to teach our dog to play piano.

In reality, she’s learned it’s her only “voice” in letting us know she’d like a treat.

So, she randomly hops up and plays a few notes to get our attention when she’d like a treat. Not sure who has who trained here!

We laugh every time. And hand over the little treat.


Fall has arrived!

My dog has mastered the art of not stepping on a single leaf during our twice daily walks.

Not today, though. No today. (This is the sidewalk!)



Is it seriously October already?! We attend at least 1 Oktoberfest celebration every year. This year we took a trip up to Chico State and went to Sierra Nevada Brewery’s Oktoberfest and it was a blast! Prost!



So we were at Target the other day and we stumbled across these Dumb and Dumber onesies for Halloween (our favorite holiday!).

My husband tried one on and we had quite a good laugh!



Check out some of our actual Halloween costumes and DIY accessories here.


We spent Labor Day weekend at the lake and Dakota wore herself out swimming.



Our summer nights are filled with a lot of back yard wine-sipping and darts with the dogs.



While visiting Maui this summer I experienced the Best Mai Tai on the island. I’d like to say I did quite a lot of taste testing throughout the week and I can see why this was voted the best!

If you’re in Wailea, stop by Monkeypod and enjoy one yourself!




My dad got a flight simulator and (and race car simulator) installed at his new house this week. He’s a real pilot too but I guess this is the kind of video games you play when you’ve outgrown X-box lol!

He had us over to show us how to play and we had a blast!





My husband’s work got these awesome electric bikes for its employees to use during their lunch break. So the other day he rode to meet me for lunch. He let me take it for a little spin around the parking lot and it was So. Much. Fun!

Now I want a Pedego sooooo bad! Wish they weren’t so darn expensive!




My best friend is having her first baby in September. How amazing are these nail polish favors we gave away at her baby shower?

The adorable favor tags are from Etsy and my other girlfriend put them in the vase for the shower. They were a hit!



Our dog is the ultimate stretcher. We’re convinced she thinks she’s a yoga instructor as she’s always holding herself in these strange yoga poses. Always has us cracking up!

(Side note: weird to see our hall cabinets and old staircase before we stained it!)




I don’t usually miss it when Kenny Chesney rolls through town and this year was no exception. We took a party bus and had such a blast gettin’ our country on!



For my girlfriend’s birthday a big group of us spent the day in Livermore Wine Country aboard the Wine Trolley. We visited 4 wineries and the weather was total perfection!

Can we do this every weekend?!



This weekend we ran a 5K called Insane Inflatable. Last year we did Rugged Maniac (my first ever 5K) and I definitely thought the Insane Inflatables was much more fun!

It’s basically a bunch of inflated obstacles and you get to run through and feel like a kid again! My husband and I loved it!

As you can see in my Rugged Maniac pic below, there was a LOT of mud and muck involved! We enjoyed getting in our car much cleaner this year!

(Don’t judge the fanny pack – I don’t go anywhere without Immitrex and chapstick.)


That’s my Frog of a husband leaping from ball to ball.


And this was Rugged Maniac – crawling through muddy water under barbed wire was well worth it for the “photo opp” haha!