Sharing some of the things I’m LOVING about life! But, this is just the side-story….blog-to-view-blog-posts


Nearly 10 years ago, I golfed for my first time ever on a family trip to Cancun. I remember having the best time, but had yet to golf again (aside from mini golf at the putt putt course).

Well, after a weekend in Scottsdale golfing at Troon North, I’m hooked on golf!

Didn’t see that coming! Can’t wait to get my own set of clubs and play at one of the many courses nearby!



A few years ago I spent a week enjoying the luxury of a king bed during a stay at the Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui.

Oh the spaciousness! My husband and I have shared a queen bed for years and it has resulted in a number of middle-of-the-night requests: “Can you move over please?”

So last year, I embraced Black Friday and got a new king bed. Here it is:


The headboard arrived with a crack in the mirror which I discovered while peeling off the protective plastic coating several hours after accepting the delivery. Macy’s was out within 2 days with a replacement. Their customer service was awesome!



My family has an annual tradition of attending Christmas in the Park in San Jose, CA on Christmas Eve, then having dinner at Santana Row.

The palm trees make it it feel even more like a California Christmas and we just love it.




OK, OK yes, I notice a real drinking theme on this page – I promise to try to expand my “loves”.

But for now – did you know Smirnoff has scratch and sniff bottles of candy cane Peppermint Twist vodka???

No joke – the bottle is scratch and sniff and it’s ah-mazing!!! (Yes, not too deep inside I’m still a 5-year old).

Plus, the flavor is really great too – you get to drink and have fresh breath without popping a mint or chewing gum. Win win.

Not to mention I love any excuse to drink from my Swarovski crystal martini glass!



A Livermore, CA winery called Winemaker’s Studio offers wine blending classes.

You get to taste and compare several wines (while learning how to properly taste wine), then create your own blend and take your custom wine home.

I did it with a group and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! (I’m definitely rockin’ my blonde Bellami hair extensionslove them!)

You get to use a beaker, graduated cylinder and everything! I felt like such a scientist.




Running around finishing up Christmas errands.

You’ve been there. Crowded parking lots; long, slow lines; impatient shoppers.

(Side note: why do wives handle all this madness and husbands don’t?!?)

Dashing to my car on this cold, rainy December night and couldn’t pass up the picture of these raindrops on my trunk.



There are 3 times I read a book: at the pool, in the tub, and on a plane.

Started this though and couldn’t put it down. Finished it on my plane ride to Vegas.

End result? Lots and lots of Corey Feldman flicks in my Netflix queue. Kinda want to relive my childhood through the movies. (If movies like the Goonies and The Burbs were classics in your home – please read Coreyography).

Feel extra, extra grateful for my totally normal childhood.



My favorite winery (which just happens to be local) had a HUGE wine sale and I got three 6-packs of my favorite wines. Can’t get enough Vasco Urbano and my husband and I both *love* the Sheriff.



Working toward a migraine-free life and this week I’m *trying* to eliminate any possible food triggers. My husband stocked the house with “safe” foods (foods that aren’t known to trigger migraines) and I’m loving this healthy snack.

Simply cut up an apple, drizzle it with honey and sprinkle cinnamon on top. It’s delicious!



Spent Labor Day weekend in a small town and stumbled upon the most adorable little wine bar. I call my husband “Frog” so we were pretty excited to sip some vino in a little bar called the Tipsy Frog.



This restaurant near my house (Pacific Catch – it’s the best – if you live near one, go there!) – serves this little dish of edamame and pretzel goldfish if you sit in the bar. It is soooo good.

Confession: Sometimes, I just keep refilling it over and over and eat it as “dinner” with my wine.

Since discovering this perfect pairing, I’ve started buying Edamame at Costco and eating with Goldfish Pretzels from Walmart. I even serve it to myself in a fancy little dish.



I got these amazing teal ombre hair extensions from Bellami Hair for my birthday last year and I wear them every chance I get!




My best friend is having her first baby in September. How amazing are these nail polish favors we gave away at her baby shower?

The adorable favor tags are from Etsy and my other girlfriend put them in the vase for the shower. They were a hit!



While visiting Maui this summer I experienced the Best Mai Tai on the island. I’d like to say I did quite a lot of taste testing throughout the week and I can see why this was voted the best!

If you’re in Wailea, stop by Monkeypod and enjoy one yourself!