DIY Twine & Clothespin Picture Frame Makeover

This is a fun way to makeover an old picture frame, especially if the glass is broken. Here is my original frame:

Picture Frame Makeover

I love the detailing on the frame but my current home decor is mostly tan/bronze/brown tones so I didn’t have a place for this old silver frame. Because it has sentimental value, I hated to get rid of it but accidentally broke the glass when I was stowing it away.

If you have an old frame you’d like to repurpose or freshen up, follow these simple steps to create a modern twine and clothespin picture frame.

You will need:

Picture Frame (my frame has an opening of about 13.5″ by 10.5″)



Mini clothespins


Cardstock (for mounting pictures if you choose)


Tape (double sided works best)

If painting/glazing, you will also need:




Paint or spray paint


Step 1: Remove glass and picture matte.

If your frame has glass or a matte, carefully remove those items, keeping in mind how sharp the glass can be (I nearly sliced off my thumb!).

Step 2: Paint frame.

Note: If you’re not painting your frame, skip to step 4.

If you want your frame to be a fresh new color, head to the store and pick up some paint. Or, if you’re like me, you may already have the paint you need. I used Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin Caramel Latte spray paint.

Painted Frame - Krylon Caramel Latte Spray Paint

Step 3: Glaze your frame for added detailing.

If your frame is textured, it’s a great idea to take the time to glaze it. I wanted the scrolly detailing on my frame to stand out after I spray painted it gold, so I added a decorative glaze in Java Brown.

For instructions on working with glaze, click How to Glaze a Picture Frame.


Step 4: Select & print pictures.

Look at your frame and determine how many pictures you want to hang and then determine how big each can be and what orientation you want them to hang in. My frame has a 10.5″ x 13.5″ opening and I decided to hang 1 vertical 4×6 and 1 horizontal 4×6 picture.

Step 5: Mount pictures onto cardstock.

I wanted continuity between my images so I selected pictures with similar colors and then mounted them on some pretty deep red cardstock. Since the cardstock is thick, this will keep my pictures flat and prevent them from warping over time.

Determine how much of the cardstock you want to see around each picture and cut to size. Use double-stick tape to mount each picture to the cardstock.


Step 6: Cut and position twine.

Roll out some of the twine across the back of your frame and cut to size. Be sure to leave plenty of excess on each end. Attach the clothespins and pictures to the twine and lay it out to determine exactly where you want to staple the twine.


Step 7: Attach twine to your frame.

Once you know where you want your twine to be, staple it to the one edge on the back side of your frame. I did 2 staples close together. Then, set your frame upright and hold up the opposite end of the twine to see if you like the positioning and determine how much slack you want the twine to have. Then, staple to opposite side with 2 staples.


Step 8: Attach burlap

Lay the fame face down and cover the back with burlap. One piece is ideal, but I had a roll of burlap from Hobby Lobby that was only about half the height of my frame so it took 2 pieces. Cut out notches for the hooks and then staple all around the back of the frame making sure to keep the burlap pulled taught.

Staple burlap to back of frame

Step 9: Hang and enjoy!

This was part of my collage wall I’ve been creating various pieces for. This is definitely one of my favorites!

DIY twine frame craft

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Burlap, twine & picture frame craft

Picture Frame Makeover Craft Idea



How to Make a Candy Dish – Easy DIY

How to Make Your Own Decorative Candy Dish Jar



I needed a gift for my boss but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I went into Target to browse for ideas and when I saw this purple candle holder (my boss is crazy about purple) sitting near this glass candlestick, it occurred to me that I could glue them together and then embellish it with some items from the craft store.

I headed to JoAnn Fabric in search of a Dragonfly charm (my boss loves dragonflies) and was happy to find something that was perfect. Next I was off to the ribbon aisle to find something to tie the look together, and found some burlap ribbon.

Keep your eyes open at stores like Target, Walmart or Hobby Lobby for items that will work for your home (or for a person you’d like to make a gift for). Another great source for craft items is the dollar store and also the thrift store. Once you find the perfect pieces for your project, head to the craft store to find the right embellishments.

Get creative with it! I think you could glue on some gems or rhinestones and create something really cool. One thing to note is that the burlap was best for this project because it made it easy to attach the charm and run it through the gaps in the burlap ribbon (see Step 5 below for clarification).

Here are the steps I followed to create a this decorative candy dish:

Craft Items:

Base piece

Top piece




Thread (similar in color to your ribbon)

Elastic cord (similar in color to your ribbon if possible)


Glue (for ribbon & for glass)


Step 1: Wrap ribbon around your candy holder 1 time, then fold back and tuck in (see picture):


Step 2: Secure the ribbon. I used a strip of elastic that I had already but would recommend something that matches closely to your ribbon color. Simply tie it around your ribbon as tight as possible.


Step 3: Next you’re going to secure some thread to your charm. I cut the thread, folded in half and tied a knot where the ends met. Them I looped it through my dragonfly charm.


Step 4: Cut a small strip of ribbon long enough to wrap around the ribbon you tied onto the top of your dish. You can always trim it later so be sure you have plenty.


Step 5: Find a good spot in the middle of your ribbon strip and pull the tread that’s attached to your charm through.


Step 6: With the charm facing outward, tie the thread snugly around the bow.


Step 7: Cut off excess ribbon and thread, leaving enough ribbon to wrap around bow.


Step 8: Wrap ribbon securely around the bow and glue into place. I used Beacon Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive, but I’m sure any glue would do. I decided to twist my ribbon as I wrapped it around – play around with yours to determine what look you prefer.


Step 9: Glue your base and top pieces together. I wasn’t sure what type of glue to use for glass so I google’d Aleene’s original tacky glue (since I had some) and it said it worked for glass.


Step 10: Put the ribbon on the top piece and add candy. I lucked out and found Dove chocolates with purple wrappers which matched perfectly.