Kitchen Feature Wall with Board & Batten

I was very late in the game discovering board and batten. How did I get through over 30 years of life without noticing this awesome decorative wall design?

Of course, now that Pinterest has pointed it out to me, I see it everywhere.

It’s in model homes, houses on television, fancy hotels, restaurants, nightclubs – everywhere!

And now, it’s in my home, too.

Our first venture into board and batten actually came when we were designing our hidden door underneath our staircase which we disguised with board & batten rails.

Then, I decided we needed it on this wall in our kitchen:


Here’s our journey to creating our very own Board and Batten Kitchen Feature Wall:

After carefully scrutinizing several styles of wainscoting and board and batten on the internet, I decided I wanted to match this style from the blog Housewife2Hostess:


I just love how that came out!

But, turns out my husband and I purchased the wrong boards for this project and ended up with this clunky mess:


As you can see, our horizontal and vertical boards are too thick, and the results are NOT visually pleasing. Like, at all!

Back to the store we went to find some sort of decorative element to fix our snafu.

We came up with this:


Much better!

We decided we’d need to add a fancier top to match our new look also.



This was looking a lot better, but I decided there was too much white and on a whim I painted the door black to match our newly painted kitchen table.



This project really tied in our butcher block kitchen table makeover.

I just love looking at the before and after of our kitchen feature wall.